Why a beanbag from Fettsack®?

What else? Fettsack® is the leading Swiss beanbag manufacturer of high quality beanbags at affordable prices.

Nowhere else you can find such a high quality bean bag with a better  price-performance ratio.

Why do you have such affordable prices?Warum kann fettsack.ch seine Produkte zu einem solch günstigen Preis anbieten?

We completely skip intermediate trade. All our products come directly from the factory to our warehouse where they are filled and sent to you. 

Do you have tests about your beanbags?

The team from sitzsack.eu has tested some of our products. The test results can be found under the following link: 






Can I test your products somewhere?

Sure, we have showroom in our warehouse in 5443 Niederrohrdorf where you can test all models we have in our portfolio. If you like you can take your beanbag against cash payment with you.

What are the opening times?

We are open for you from Monday to Saturday. Please give us a call before to make an appointment.

Are all models available at your store?

All models on our webshop are available directly from our warehouse.

How can I order?

You can order either trough our webhsop or by phone.

Hw are the bean bags delivered?

Depending of the size of your order either by swiss postal service or by transport agent/courier.

How long does it take to get my beanbags?

Usually your order is between 2-4 days after your order at your home.

I made an order but I would like to pick it up at your warehouse.

Just get on contact with us either by phone or mail and we set up an appointment.

How long is the warranty?

2 years