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Fettsack® Classic - XXL Beanbag for Indoor and Outdoor use



The Fettsack Classic at a glance

  • - XXL dimension of approx. 185cm x 140cm x 30cm
  • - Suitable for outdoor use due to its water resistant outer cover
  • - Filled with 380 liters of brand new EPS beads from Swiss production
  • - Outer cover made of high quality Nylon 420D fabric
  • - Additional PVC coating on the inside of the nylon cover
  • - Easy to transport due to its lightweight of just 9 kilos
  • - High seating comfort
  • - Optimum heat balance
  • - Very good for rheumatics
  • - Removable cover
  • - Separate inner bag
  • - Individual capacity
  • - Double closure of the outer shell with zipper and velcro
  • - Outer cover can be washed in washing machine
  • - Easy to clean by hand with water, soap and a sponge
  • - Swiss trademark
  • - Manufactured according to Swiss quality guidelines

Dual cover system with separate inner bag

Our specially developed dual cover system consists of an inner pillow filled with approx. 380 liters of EPS beads as well as the outer shell made of high-quality nylon fabric. Thanks to the dual cover system, the cover can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C. In the case of the desire for a new color you can simply replace it with a new one. You can order replacement covers easily in our web shop.

Double closure for added security

The Fettsack Classic Beanbag has a continuous opening on the underside, which is double-secured with a zipper and a 5cm wide velcro fastener. The velcro has a very strong velcro feature. For example, it is very difficult for children to open it. This strong closure will give you extra security if your Fettsack Beanbag is used by children.



High quality EPS beads – Swiss Made

For your Fettack Classic Beanbag, we exclusively use brand new EPS beads from Swiss production. We guarantee the highest quality and that our filling material is 100% free of any contaminants or impurities. The Fettack Classic Beanbag is filled with approx. 380 liters of EPS beads.

Density: approx 15kg/m3
Diameter: 2mm - 4mm



High quality workmanship

Our covers are characterized by high-quality workmanship such as double-guided, symmetrical seams in the same color as your cover.



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